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24® Game DOUBLE DIGITS editions back in stock!!!


I can’t say enough about how engaging the 24® game is to my students. We play as a class daily – all versions – Integers, Variables, Algebra, and Single Digits. We will continue this tradition for years to come. Everyone wins! The teachers see the students engaged and excited about math. The students hone their mental computation skills. The parents can see the progress their child makes. Maybe your district can try this? — A. Bingham, Spotsylvania County Public Schools

I have never seen my class of year 6's so engaged! They simply loved playing the 24® game today as part of Maths Week London. Children who are normally quiet and not confident in maths were jumping up and down with solutions. It was pure mathematical joy! [via Twitter - July 2, 2021] — Emma Potter (UK) @MissPotter143

The 24 game is an excellent math game that challenges students to develop accuracy and quick thinking. The students in my classroom really enjoy this game; they would play all of the time if I allowed it. — C.L. Layton

The first time I saw the game, I said my kids would never be able to do these problems that quickly. I doubted I could. Yet here we are. Their speed and achievement has amazed me. Seeing the struggling math student succeed and even get to explain a problem to an advanced student makes my day. They love the game, they want to play, and just being in the room and listening to their comments, their explanations, their willingness to work as a team and their enthusiasm makes me smile! — Colleen Armor, Retired Teacher, Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Natrona Heights, PA

I believe this is the best way for students to learn basic skills, math facts and mental math. — M.F.B., Colonial School District, DE

"I teach middle school students, some who don't know their multiplication facts well. The 24 game has given them motivation to memorize these facts in order to play with their classmates. I use the game all year long and see an improvement in computation skills. — S.S., Altoona, PA

I teach academically gifted and talented students in grades 3, 4 and 5. This game fits in beautifully with my curriculum. Students not only practice basic mathematics facts, they become adept at mental math, communicating mathematically, validating their thinking, and recognizing multiple ways to solve problems. The added benefit of course is that all this thinking and problem solving is disguised as a game! — A.P.R., DE

I teach 5th grade and have seen how this game really sparks an interest in math for many students. I began a 24 Club at my school for students who enjoyed the challenge the game had to offer...It was amazing to see both their interest and speed increase as the weeks progressed. — M.C., San Diego, CA

Recent 5-Star Amazon Reviews of 24 Game

This game is fabulous for developing problem solving and flexible thinking skills. Players find there are often multiple ways to arrive at the target answer. — A. Hager

"Middle School Teacher's Dream" The tutoring students I have worked with have loved them. I can't wait to use them full time in my classroom. — LittlemiracleMama

Super fun game. The whole family came together to play and we all laughed out loud and found it both challenging and exciting to play. The kids actually put down their phones to play it! — Mike M.

Love that these seem so simple, but can be a challenge to solve regardless of your age or your education level. Our son has solved some faster than we have at times. It truly is a fun family activity. — Amy M.

The best part about this game is that it doesn't need a TV, a computer, or anything fancy to use it. It works with your child's brain power. — PT

A classic math game that has held up through the test of time. — K.M.B.

A nice break from technology. It is good to have something the students can hold, move and feel. This is a fun game! — Marci

It's great for helping develop your speed and basic mathematics. The whole family enjoys competing to see who's the fastest. — Avila

Kids love it! Great way to practice multiplication. I'm a teacher and the kids can't wait to play, especially the factor circles. — Gina G.

The students were really excited to use this game because they have never used it for algebra or exponents in the past. Great for review with fifth grade. — AC

This game challenges them to think quickly and to see the value of learning the basic number facts because they are put on the spot when playing this game. A real ego boost when they "figure out" an answer! — Rodger N.

The game grows with children as they learn more operations (multiplication, division) and the fun comes in the mental computing that goes in the participants mind. So much fun and learning in one little box. — Marcia A.

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