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24® Game DOUBLE DIGITS editions back in stock!!!

For Parents

Math without fear
Teaching children math basics without fear is a game-changer. Without fear, children naturally explore, think, learn, grow, and build a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Beyond strengthening procedural fluency, 24 Game expands strategic thinking and adaptive reasoning abilities, laying the groundwork for higher-order math skills. Becoming fluent with basic math facts gives students confidence in their problem solving abilities, creating successful, life-long learners.

An ‘online + offline’ approach is very effective
Combine FIRST IN MATH with the 24 Game! More than just a “fun” activity, First In Math offers substantive content that includes 24 online-only editions of the 24 game! You also get access to more than 200 other games that offer a full range of challenge and follow National and State standards. In this environment, your child will get the important math practice they need to succeed.

• Kids can play educational math games online 24/7
• Math games to challenge any kid, from struggling to gifted
• 24 Games are organized into eight Skill Sets® for every ability level
• Get ready for ALGEBRA - beginning at the K, 1 and 2 levels
• See significant results in just minutes a day
• Games range from simple shape matching to complex thinking

Nine reasons why Parents love First In Math!