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24 Challenge® Proctor Rules

(Download RULES as PDF)

Students play with either WHITE or RED sides of the 24® Game cards at one time. Be sure all students are using the same side at the same time.

Students sit 3* or 4 to a table; Proctors stand. All students play for two rounds to qualify for Semi-finals. (*At a table with only three students, remove two 2 Dot cards from the deck, to create equity.)

The first round is played with Single Digits cards WHITE sides up. Second round is played with Double Digits cards RED sides up. Be sure all students use the same side at the same time.

Students keep fingers on the blue outer area of the Tournament Mat before card is put into play.

Proctor puts a card into play by “cupping” the card in the palm of one hand and placing it in the center of tournament mat. Keep deck out of sight, against chest or under table.

The first student that touches the card with no more than three fingertips may solve the card. (Slapping the card with the entire hand is not allowed and is grounds for disqualification.)

Proctor determines who was the first student to touch the card. That student must announce the pattern (last step of the solution to make 24; i.e. “3 times 8” or “15 plus 9”) within three (3) seconds of touching the card. Student must give complete solution with same pattern as final step. Commutative laws of addition and multiplication apply (8 x 3 = 3 x 8) and (20 + 4 = 4 + 20).

The final solution (all three steps) must be completed within 15 seconds.

Student may correct himself until he “fixes” the solution by saying “equals, makes or is 24.”

No run-on answers (3 + 3 x 4 x 1 = 24) permitted. ALL solutions are three steps.

If no student touches a card after 15 seconds, set that card aside in a separate pile.

Points are tallied by Proctors at the end of each round and recorded on each student’s Score Card along with Proctors’ initials. Student Score card travels with him/her throughout the tournament.

Penalty Flags and Disqualification

Five ways to draw a penalty flag:

1) Student does not announce a pattern within three seconds.
2) Student does not complete solution within 15 seconds.
3) Solution given is incorrect.
4) Student touches card with more than 3 fingertips.
5) Student touches proctor's hand before it is withdrawn.

In Rounds 1 & 2, three penalty flags = disqualification.
In Rounds 3 & 4, two penalty flags = disqualification.

Disqualified students keep points scored up to the point of disqualification. Penalty flags do not follow a player. All players start with a clean slate at the beginning of each round. When a student gets a penalty flag, the card is taken out of play and returned to the deck to be played again later. If all students at a table except for one are disqualified, the remaining student may play for the balance of the cards.

Note on Scoring

As you tally scores at the end of each round, remember to count POINTS and not just the number of cards. Look for the dots in the card's corner to determine the point value. 1 Dot cards are worth one point, 2 Dot cards are worth two points and 3 Dot cards are worth three points.

Scoring example

Proctors enter each student's score on score card. Scores from Rounds 1 & 2 are added together. The sixteen highest scores from each grade level advance to Semi-final Round 3.