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24® Game Classroom Activities

Editions used: Add/Subtract, Multiply/Divide (3 Dot only); Single Digits; Double Digits; Integers; Fractions; Decimals; Exponents or Algebra.

Have each child choose a partner. Give each pair of students four cards. Instruct the pairs of students to lay their cards out on the desk, so they can see all four cards. Tell the students that you are going to call out a pattern that makes 24 (for example, 8 x 3 or 20 + 4). Their job is to see if that pattern can solve one of the cards in front of them. If they find a card that can be solved by the pattern called, they can cover it with a slip of paper. The pair that covers all four cards first wins. Since the students must give the answer to their cards to prove they win, you might suggest that they write the answer on the slip of paper they use to cover the cards.

Before play begins, remind students that cards may have more than one possible solution. You may give students a preliminary period before the game begins to try and solve their cards.

NOTE: If you use Fractions or Decimals cards, refer to the patterns listed in the instructions.
If you use Integers cards, remember to include negative numbers in your patterns (for example –8 x –3 or –8 x 3).



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