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24® Game Classroom Activities

Activity—Make the multiplication table

Edition used: Factors/Multiples

Write the numbers 2 through 9 on small sheets of paper (Post-it® notes are ideal). Find a space that is at least 3 feet by 4 feet. Lay the small, numbered sheets of paper horizontally, about two inches apart. Write the numbers 2 through 9 again on small sheets of paper and lay them vertically. Give each student a Factors/Multiples card with white corners. One at a time, each student will place his or her card in the grid. To place the card correctly, students must first identify the common factor, then the corresponding multiplication facts.

Looking across the horizontal row of numbers, the student finds the common factor. Then looking at the vertical numbers, he finds the numbers that complete the multiplication facts, and places the card in the grid.

Example: Card (18, 27); Common factor is 9. Find the 9 along the top. The multiplication facts are 9 x 2 and 9 x 3. Find 2 and 3 on the left-side and place the card at the intersection of the corresponding row and column. Students who are just learning the multiplication facts might benefit from this hint; the difference between the two numbers on a white-cornered card is a common factor. NOTE: This activity only works on cards with white corners.