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24® Game Classroom Activities

Basic/Intermediate/Advanced  |  Odd and Even Numbers

Fact finding - Add/Subtract; Multiply/Divide; Fractions Primer (1 Dot only)

Reverse facts - Add/Subtract; Multiply/Divide; Fractions Primer (1 Dot only)

Correct the non-working wheel - Add/Subtract; Multiply/Divide; Fractions Primer

Multiple solutions - Add/Subtract (2 Dot and 3 Dot only)

Grouping skills - Add/Subtract; Multiply/Divide; Fractions Primer (2 & 3 Dot)

Using patterns - Add/Subtract; Multiply/Divide (3 Dot only)

Make the multiplication table - Factors/Multiples

Factor wheels - Factors/Multiples

Bingo - Add/Sub; Mult/Div (3 dot); Single & Double Digit; Integers; Fractions; Decimals; Exponents; Algebra.

Using patterns - Single & Double Digits; Variables; Fractions; Decimals; Integers; Algebra; Exponents

Strategies - Single Digits; Double Digits; Variables; Fractions; Integers; Algebra; Exponents

Multiple solutions - Single Digits; Double Digits; Fractions; Decimals; Exponents; Integers

Multiple solutions - Variables; Algebra

Variations - Integers

24 Game Solve & Color Activity Sheet - Solve and color Single Digits cards

Halloween-themed 24 Game Coloring activity - For Elementary-age students

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