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24 Challenge® certificates

Download and print as many certificates as you need. The file will be saved into your computer's specified download folder, or will open in your web browser, depending on your computer's setup. Once the file has downloaded, open it and print to your printer. (Note: document size is 11'' x 8.5'' - remember to set your printer for horizontal format.) We recommend Adobe® Reader® software to view PDF documents.

24 Challenge® Certificates


Tournament Kit Signature Edition" Certificates




24 Challenge® Custom Certificate


Download this document and open in PowerPoint. The Student Name and Signature, as well as the Event area are editable. Just make the changes you need and save, or delete those text areas and hand-write names after printing.

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It is permitted to print these certificates for your school's use only.
Certificates are copyright Suntex International Inc. All rights reserved. 24® and 24 Challenge® are registered trademarks of Suntex International Inc.

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