24® Game 96 Card Decks offer a range of challenges in each box. These Classroom Editions contain game cards that are 4'' x 4'' and double-sided. Nine editions: Add/Subtract Primer, Multiply/Divide Primer, Factors/Multiples, Single Digits (Best Seller), Double Digits, Variables, Fractions/Decimals, Integers, and Algebra/Exponents.

24® Game 48 Card Decks are great for travel! Game cards are 4'' x 4'' and double-sided, with a range of easy, medium and tough cards. Four editions: Add/Subtract Primer, Multiply/Divide Primer, Single Digits and Double Digits.

Classroom Incentives. Boost student participation with these cool incentives for use with the First In Math® program, your school's 24® Game club or 24 Challenge® Competition. Keychains, pencils, Player of the Day Badges, trophies, medals, lanyards and more! Students will LOVE them.

24 Challenge Materials. Unique FIM and 24CH items will help make your 24 Challenge® competition exciting. Is your school ready to hold it's own 24 Challenge® tournament? Here are all the things you need to get started. Also check out the NEW 24® Game Signature Edition TOURNAMENT KIT!

24 game app for iOS. New improved 24® game Single Digits Edition now available for iPhone and iPad! Take the 24® Game with you wherever you go! Download the official, licensed app created by Suntex International, a leader in educational games for more than 20 years.

Mathematics Club Classroom Kits. Great for after school or summer programs. Kit accommodates up to 34 students. Available in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each kit contains six 24 game decks (3'' x 3'' - 48 cards per deck), 34 Success Charts, instructions and more.

First In Math® Online Mathematics Program. A great new approach to math education that supports any curriculum, the First In Math® Online Program excites students like no workbook ever could! Easy to use in the classroom or at home. Students play a full range of popular 24® games online and improve their math fluency in this easy-to-implement program. Includes fact-practice and test-prep modules!

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